How inept boards of directors are ruining once great American companies. And when naive or ego-driven director wanders into the lanes of the executive director or staff, it is critical for the board Chair to intervene immediately and help the director stay in their own lane. In 2007 we launched the project’s second phase, which consisted of an online survey of 195 nonprofit leaders representing a variety of perspectives (including those of board chairs, board members, CEOs, staff service volunteers, and stakeholders) from across the United States and Canada to verify the results of the study. Now, Eisner and his directors are taking another drubbing. Interestingly, three directors with long tenures (an average of 21 years) left the board in May of this year. The board game of the popular (mainly due to TV version of Stockholm Syndrome) 80s Liverpudlian sitcom Bread, the game sees players assume … The notion of regular group outings for directors—holding board meetings in, say, retail stores or new R&D facilities, or asking members to tag along on sales calls—is also now in vogue. Here is a quick directory to the most common myths wreaking havoc in nonprofit boardrooms: Myth #1: Nonprofits have to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley In the wake of the Enron […] The functionality and health of the board of directors is a direct reflection of the health of the nonprofit. The best boards check their egos and personal interests at the door, before the board meeting begins. If a board is dysfunctional, the organization will be dysfunctional. ADM, last year's worst board, recruited new directors and agreed to have a corporate-governance committee of outsiders rule on whether business ties between directors … Kallasvuo was recently elected to the board of directors of Europe's fifth-largest telecom company, TeliaSonera . The worst offender was yet again for the 11th year in a row is, UNICEF - CEO, receives $1,200,000 per year, (plus use of a Royal Royce for his exclusive use … Good, helpful thoughts, Marc! Intel has embraced separation of CEO and board chair roles. Dattilo is also a member of the board of directors for Haworth, Inc. (since 2010) and is the past chairman of the Rubber Manufacturers Association and the past chairman of the board of trustees of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation. Disney's directors have won the dubious distinction of being named the worst board in America in BUSINESS WEEK's second annual analysis of the state of corporate governance. Sometimes it's even the executive director. This article is part of Board Games 2013, Report on Business's annual report on corporate governance.View the full rankings table: The best and worst governed Canadian companies in … It seems as if there's always somebody at the board meeting saying, "That's what nonprofit boards are supposed to do." If a board is focused, healthy and mission driven, the organization will be the same. He's also vice chairman of SRV Group and is a board … A quick look at the Intel board of directors reveals the median tenure is only 1.3 years, with the majority of the board members having been appointed after 2016.