PLAY MORE. Aliso Creek Records | cablelength short 110. pri-group timeslots 1-24. interface Serial0/0/0:23. no ip address. ISDN has two major advantages. Through an ISDN line, a client is able to record audio live as the talent performs the voice over, rather than have the voice actor send over an audio file after the fact. Back in the day, this eliminated the need to send tapes recorded at your studio via overnight express in order to deliver your performance to the distant studio. The director can also speak to you over a phone quality line to give you performance notes and you hear this direction in your headphones as if s/he were in the control room next door. Online Voice Over Classes | ISDN VOICE OVER. Une fois arrivés, les paquets sont assemblés dans le bon ordre. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the traditional circuits of the public switched telephone network. LOCATIONS soundBOX:StudioGroup ® CLIENT LOGIN. Welcome to AjL Creative Productions The online home of voice-over artist Aaron j. Lehman. encapsulation hdlc. ISDN Voice Over Artist. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a system of digital telephone connections, which enables recording studios anywhere in the United States, Canada and abroad to connect digitally with voice over talent working remotely in their home recording studio. You can speak back to the director through your mic. ISDN tends to use around 64 kilobytes of data per second for voice. Perhaps in the future, casting companies and voice over agents may require it but many of them haven't caught up with the new world of talent with home studios. These digital lines could be copper lines. Before ISDN, telephone lines could only provide this fast connection over a single line. You should pay close attention to your own recordings and performance to assure they are high quality and to catch mistakes that the client might not hear over the phone. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a digital version of a telephone line, it allows transmission of voice and data over copper lines offering more features, higher quality and faster call setup capabilities in comparison to the classic telephone system. I still have to record the session on my computer when using a phone patch, but it is the next best thing to ISDN and the ease of use is a win-win, especially since I offer it for no additional charge. You can now record your work in high fidelity on your computer and upload those files to a client's server in a matter of minutes. Aliso Creek Productions But this communication can also be achieved with the use of a PHONE PATCH, which is a much simpler and more universal means of communication with the client for simply receiving direction. Hey guys, i'm looking for some info on getting into an ISDN setup for doing remote voiceovers, (as in, we'd have talent in different places recording i Inter Voice Over dispose de plusieurs ISDN codecs (APT-X et MPEG) et respecte toutes ; Cabine d’enregistrement et studio spacieux Dans notre spacieuse cabine d’enregistrement, il y a de la place prévue pour 3 ou 4 voix. So the second and more important benefit of ISDN--real-time remote delivery--has disappeared. Voice Over Classes | One reason new technology has somewhat begun to take the place of ISDN is the expenses. She’s been working on stage, screen and behind the microphone for her entire adult life. The producer, director and engineer can hear your performance clearly on their monitor speakers as though you were in the other room, so they can hear the subtlety of your performance and catch any stumbles in your performance. I work from my own broadcast-quality studio or I can work from any studio in central London. Companies that produce movie trailers or TV promos, or companies that produce material for broadcast--live interviews, syndicated programs and so forth. Los Angeles Voice Over ISDN Recording Studio, ipdtl, Bodalgo Call, Skype, Phone patch, remote recording. ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) transmits voice and data signals, simultaneously over digital or copper lines connected via telephone exchanges across the world. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Another nice feature of my unit is the Phone Patch, which allows anyone to call in from anywhere in the world on their phone and monitor and direct me in the recording session. British Male Voice Over for corporate, radio commercials, On Hold, web explainer, E Learning. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) est la version IP de la ligne téléphonique qui utilise la téléphonie à commutation de paquets, où la voix, les données ou la vidéo sont acheminées vers des paquets réseau sur Internet. On the basis of a broadband connection, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be used for internet telephony. 00:00 / 01:04. Bring Debbie the details of your next commercial, narration, phone system recording or other voiceover project. From now through August 15th, 2014 – Take advantage of a 20% Discount on an ISDN Session with me! Home studio fully equipped for recording sessions. This is a box that receives the analog signal from your mixing board and converts it to the digital signals that are sent over the ISDN line. Radio Voice • News/Talk. ISDN, combined with with an affordable home recording studio, are the two primary technological advances that allowed me to move from Southern California, where I used to travel to studios all over Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego, to where I now live in Michigan. ISDN Bridge Source Connect Voice Over Talent Services. Radio Imaging Voice. Check out her voice over talent bio and request a voice over services quote for an upcoming project. VO Blog | ISDN Voice Over: What’s Needed? The quality is so good, in fact, that the voice over audio is actually recorded by my client’s recording studio in real time during the session. A VDSL connection or a fiber optic cable achieves high data transfer rates of 16 Mbps. ISDN is very traditional, where phone lines are concerned, ISDN is commonly known as a, set of digital communication standards for transmission of voice & data, ISDN is the digital correspondence to VoIP. It’s just too handy and convenient for me, and many of my regular clients rely on it for every session. Receive a detailed quote, custom audition, and the ultimate in voice quality. no cdp enable. Mindy Baer’s distinctive voice … New Media | CONTACT. (PSST...) IT'S MINDY! contact debbie; request a quote; request an audition; versatile experienced professional. My studio is equipped with a Neumann TLM103 mic, and is valve preamped by a valve amp Avalon 737sp into Protools 10 on Mac with a hot Prima LT on the side. 00:00 / 01:03. TEAM. ISDN VO Talent who can bridge ISDN with Source Connect Other specialties include female narration voice overs for corporate narration, web videos, tutorials, explainer videos and technical medical narration. ISDN voice from the North West. © 2015 Aliso Creek Productions * All Rights Reserved, Home | I bought my first ISDN unit in 2002 from my longtime ISDN guru Dave Immer at Digifon, and I’ve owned three units over the years (see what I have now on my Studio Specs page). When I use ISDN for a voice over session, it is as if I am standing in my client’s recording booth wherever they are — the quality of sound transmitted is THAT good! Burbank, CA 91510 • 818-954-9931 Even though I now live in the Midwest, I can still be connected with all of my studio buddies on the west coast (or east coast or wherever) in a flash and it’s as if I’m right there in their own recording studio! But what if the clients wants to listen in and direct you as you record? Aliso Creek Network | She’s got a voice that will knock your socks off, and a personality you’ll want to work with again and again. About | An ISDN set-up is rather expensive: At least $1500 for the unit, plus anywhere from $75 to a few hundred dollars per month in phone bills to have your local telephone company provide the ISDN service. It is useless to supply ISDN service to your client if they don't have access to an ISDN studio on their end. World class industry standard preamps & microphones with ISDN/IP, Source Connect, Phone patch and SKYPE audio/video links. Contact Us. And remember, the receiving studio needs an ISDN line and codec as well. This need is can be met with an ISDN connection. LOCATIONS. SERVICES. This results in potentially better voice or data quality than an analog phone can provide. I’ve considered using this at times, but until things really change on the recording studio and production company end, and I see a real trend of ISDN actually going away or being replaced by something better… I won’t be making any changes with how I connect for remote sessions. This codec can cost around $5000.00. topic ISDN Stuck in TEI_ASSIGNED in Voice over IP. So unless your doing enough high-end jobs that require ISDN you may never recoup your investment. This allows you to work from home and to accept work from anyone in the world. Aliso Creek Pictures | So ISDN has two benefits: High fidelity sound quality for remote monitoring and recording. WANT A station voice. One issue is cost. Also, as broadband internet becomes universal, the recording process is changing. Die Telekom will bis 2018 das ISDN-Netz abschalten. * P.O. VoIP technology and SIP trunking. Telefoniert werden soll dann nur noch über Voice over IP (VoIP). Box 10006 Renting an ISDN studio can cost up to $250.00 an hour. ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network is a circuit-switched telephone network system that transmits both data and voice over a digital line. all statements, information, and recommendations in this manual are believed to be accurate but are presented without warranty of any kind, express or implied. I am trying to get more serious about voice over acting and it has been recommended that I have ISDN, some sort of high quality recording system on your phone where you can connect to stations over the phone with a high quality sound to record the script rather than them or you paying to bring yourself to the studio. CLIENTS. isdn switch-type primary-ni. It provides a packet-switched connection for data in increments of 64 kilobit/s. So what's the moral of the story? To learn how to launch your VO career today, watch my free training video at The latest trend in voice overs is to have your own home studio. However a phone patch transmits and receives telephone quality audio which is not high fidelity. Booking: 323-433-4404 | Cell/After Hours: 323-304-3865 | Radio Voice • Hot/AC. ISDN allows you to send high fidelity (20-20kHz) audio signals from your studio to the remote studio. to start receiving Work on the standard began in 1980 at Bell Labs and was formally standarized in 1988 in the CCITT "Red Book". ISDN Voice-overs - Radio Imaging, Television Promos, Commercials by Aaron Lehman. It’s just too easy with ISDN! topic Re: ISDN Log messages in Voice over IP. infomercial voice overs and direct response marketing, Points to Ponder before Zooming into a Voiceover Career – Part 2, What You Need to Think about Before Even Entertaining the Idea of a Voice Over Career – Part 1, 10 Things Every Home Studio MUST Have to Create High-Quality Voice Over Audio, Obstacles that Can Get in the Way of Following Your Dreams, To Follow Your Dreams (or Not) – Confessions of a Working Voice Over Actor. Same day MP3 voice recordings delivered. Enter your first name & email below then click ISDN (short for Integrated Service Digital Network) is a circuit-switched telephone network system that allows both voice and data services to be delivered over digital lines simultaneously. Hold off on installing ISDN capability until a pressing need--and the corresponding ability to pay for it-- arises. I have found that ISDN is requested mostly by "media" companies. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notification of new posts by email. This technology has been around a long time (since about 1986), and even though many people have said it is going to go the way of the dinosaurs because there are now equally fast or faster ways to connect using the internet, ISDN continues to be the standard for remote recording sessions for most recording studios and a large number of voice over talent throughout the world. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and it provides a constant direct digital connection over telephone lines to a remote studio. I wouldn’t even think about working without ISDN these days. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and it provides a constant direct digital connection over telephone lines to a remote studio. Hey there, I am Dan Pye, a North East based ISDN Voice Over. Mindy’s authentic sound is dynamic, relatable, and her delivery perfectly centers your message.