I finally cracked the code on quality of life. LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Actor Grant Williams, who played the title role in the classic science fiction film ″The Incredible Shrinking Man,″ has died at age 54. How did Grant Thompson die? READ MORE: The Unlikely Friendship of Mark Twain and Ulysses S. Grant. Imahara, who trained as an electrical engineer and roboticist, died … How did Grant Thompson die? The Washington County Sheriff's Office had said a report came in Monday of an overdue paraglider who … President Grant died on July 23, 1885, from throat cancer. He not only smoked them but chewed them – as many as a dozen a day by his own admission. Grant Thompson died in a paragliding accident. He was 49. Cary Grant, the dashing leading man who was one of Hollywood's biggest stars, died here late Saturday night in a hospital emergency room, his longtime attorney told a radio reporter early today. Grant died after a paramotoring accident in Utah. His basic plan for the 1864 campaign was to immobilize the army of Gen. Robert E. Lee near the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia, while Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman led the western Union army southward … The YouTuber went missing in … Ulysses S. Grant - Ulysses S. Grant - Command over Union armies: Grant was appointed lieutenant general in March 1864 and was entrusted with command of all the U.S. armies. Grant, who created and starred in the King Of Random series, died in a paragliding accident. Grant was a notorious, lifelong cigar-lover. A news release from the Washington County sheriff's office said the cause of the accident is currently under investigation. My kids and wife got their dad back, I got my life back, and we're doing more videos than ever. Grant Imahara, known for his co-hosting role on MythBusters, has died at the age of 49. According to the BBC, the self-proclaimed "King of Random" was involved in a paragliding … On 23 July 1885, Ulysses S. (“Unconditional Surrender”) Grant, Civil War hero and the nation’s 18 th president, died a painful and impoverished death at the age of 63. Per the Salt Lake Tribune , Grant was killed in a paragliding crash in southern Utah late Monday. Grant Imahara (Mark Davis/Getty Images) “Mythbusters” host Grant Imahara died suddenly Sunday of unknown causes, The Hollywood Reporter reported. 2. Historians report that once the public discovered his love of cigars, he received more than 20,000 as gifts. He spent the last months of his life grappling with the ravages of throat cancer, desperately writing his life’s memoirs so that his family would not be destitute after he was gone.