eBay sent messages to the people who had been scammed, but its intent appears only to absolve itself of responsibility. Turkish ceramic jewelry replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (3.0g). Centers of ancient coin forgery are Bulgaria and Lebanon. mushy details, and the remnants of a casting seam. The above piece is an exception. Owls have been copied not only by scammers trying to cheat unsuspecting buyers, but also legitimately by museums and commercial replica makers, with no intent to deceive. We only have a small cache of these coins, so you’d be wise to order your Athenian Owl Tetradrachm now … The reverse of the above piece doesn't match the obverse, with the small owl tilting its head being in the style of some Early Classical Owls and the obverse in the style of Mass Classical Owls. Coins: Ancient; Greek (450 BC-100 AD) Roman: Republic (300 BC-27 BC) Roman: Imperial (27 BC-476 AD) Roman: Provincial (100-400 AD) Byzantine (300-1400 AD) The styling is unrealistic, and the surfaces have casting pits best visible under magnification. The Athenian Owl tetradrachm would remain the dominant currency force in the region and many Greek-influenced Asian areas until Roman coinage replaced it in the 1 st century B.C. the flan to create a transfer die, then used a larger flan to press out a copy. Fourées are even older than coinage itself – plated base metal bars have been found that were made to imitate ingots of precious metal used as currency before the introduction of coins. Unlike Slavey's own work, which is minted with , Coin Collecting: Consumer Protection This piece is a product of NT Ancients of Quebec, Canada. blank space where the crest should be, though sometimes there's a slight gap between the top of the crown and the beginning of the crest. Bulgarian School cast counterfeit (17.0g). The piece has slightly pitted surfaces, filed edges, and an overly concave reverse. poor- and medium-quality cast copies in his basement, and the Toronto Forger is a more fitting name. French copper replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (310g, 61mm, 17mm thick). dies and then minted with a hydraulic press. coin forgery by providing how-to tips. Germany who also has used multiple I.D.s on eBay. Bronze cast counterfeit He referred to them in his auction descriptions only The job is obvious and amateurish. The reverse is marked with "2005," which is likely the year of manufacture. This fake appears to have begun its life It appears to be cast, with casting bumps most visible on the slopes Afterward I learned from Rich Hertzog World Exonumia that the Paris Mint used the cornucopia mint mark alone without a date only during the 1880 to 1901 time period. was made by Museum This fake was donated to me by a public-spirited collector Guide Bedouin soapstone replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (17.3g, 38mm). Perhaps it was a trial piece put out by one of the Bulgarian forgery workshops. This is an obvious cast fake, with pronounced casting pits, soft details, and a filed edge. page illustrate, fakes still emanate from Lebanon. The Chinese have been heavily involved with forging American and other modern collector coins as well as medieval coins (and just about anything else that can be copied), though as yet they haven't involved themselves much with ancient coins. Wilbert also distributed sets of replicas of U.S. colonial coins and U.S. early Western Athena's Metropolitan Museum of Art replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (9.6g). $483.66. Still, it's a fairly well-made and deceptive fake, judging strictly by its photo. casting pits most visible at Athena's cheek and chin, though there's no edge seam characteristic of lower-quality Five thousand of these pieces were produced for the year 2009. (17.4g). or gully when it typically is the high point on these coins, with this being better visible having the coin in This is one of two pieces illustrated on this page that I haven't examined in hand, though I have examined a Wilbert replica. It's slightly larger in diameter (27mm) and slightly lighter in weight than ancient Owls, and it has highly reflective proof fields and a reeded edge. poster of an expensive oil painting. They may not want to publicize the Because of their popularity, ancient Athenian Owls are widely forged by scammers today and are perhaps the single most frequently counterfeited ancient coin. It's not made of silver but some kind of artificially toned white metal alloy. edge seam. I'm new to collecting greek coins. Bulgarian School cast counterfeit (14.5g). google_ad_height = 90; Athenian Owls, thick, heavy, high-relief silver coins minted more than 2,000 years ago, were arguably the most influential of all coins, and the Classical Owl tetradrachm, pictured above, is the most widely recognized ancient coin among the general public today. In fact, this particular specimen did just that. This forgery was documented in the 1997 book tetradrachm (21.3g, 37.5mm). are in my possession are stored off site. It's Coin Highlights: Coins … This is another high-quality Bulgarian silver fake from the same source as the previous piece, and it also appears originally engraved and produced with a machine press. This silver forgery was once part of a Japanese collection of authentic coins and was said to have originated This piece provides concrete evidence of this. Antiquanova replica Early Classical Owl tetradrachm (17.2g). It was offered to him as an authentic Circa 170-145 BC. Here's a page of mine on counterfeit coin detection. the owl's legs, as on this specimen, or under the owl's tail feathers. NT Ancients replica of Rosa replica (6.1g). (17.3g). forgeries. /* Ad03 */ This fake like some others on this page has made the rounds, with different versions cast Royal Coin Cabinet in Munich, so presumably the originals were from the Munich Coin Cabinet. cover in German describes the pieces as "copies in non-noble metals for use in schools and for collectors." Bogos: Counterfeit Coins The pictured silver (AR) tetradrachm comes from Athens, Greece and dates around 393 to 350 BC. Most dealers won't provide collectors with forgeries to study and document. Along with the cornucopia design, the edge also includes the French word "CUIVRE," which means copper, and N° 485/500, which indicates 500 of these pieces were made. of the electroplated copy. Like Owls this replica is high relief and thick, as thick compared with its diameter as an authentic Owl, which accounts for its substantial weight. Greek and Roman Coins, as the obverse of No. who was cheated out of $180 by the Toronto Forger when he was using the alias Online Liquidators and who wanted the box and was distributed in the 1960s and 1970s as a free promotion to business accounts by Wilbert Burial Vaults, currently Wilbert Funeral Services, of Broadview, This replica also copies an Early Classical Here's another Lebanese School counterfeit, this one sold repeatedly by a scammer from Lebanon on eBay The flat area outside the incuse on the reverse suggests this piece was made with a machine press rather than hand struck. The message contained the following language: "eBay is only a venue, and we cannot guarantee that sellers will complete transactions nor can we guarantee the delivery or quality of bought items.". on the reverse, which on these particular replicas is sometimes at the owl's feet, as on the above piece, and sometimes Because of such association, the bird – often referred to as the "owl of Athena" or the "owl of Minerva" – has been used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition throughout the Western world. This hand-cut, struck copy is made of .900 fine silver and has a "COPY" countermark on the edge. It's the correct weight and diameter. It was said to have originated This replica, made before the U.S. Hobby Protection Act Design of the Athenian Owl Tetradrachm Coins from Bulgaria as No. This is another large replica of a Classical Owl. This high-quality pressed replica, made of .950 silver, is one of the finer works Category includes Athens, Athenian Cleruchs of Delos, ... Athens: AR tetradrachm – Athena/Owl – Well-centered on extremely large flan for die. This is the second of two pieces illustrated on this page that I haven't examined in hand, though I have examined an Antiquanova replica. engraved and hand struck like authentic ancient coins. This is the least attractive of the three large Owl replicas here. Its reddish hue makes it appear to be made of bronze, but it has more of the feel of artificially toned pot metal, an alloy consisting of tin, lead, and whatever else might be around (including old pots). coin replica maker Antiquanova. This replica copies an Early Classical Owl, Sear 2518. Pre-coins. There's space on the flan It's an "original copy," a work of Peter Rosa, the American The lead figure was reportedly an ancient coin wholesaler and forger from Athens, Greece. It was The reverse is lacking a crescent moon, I've found nothing to corroborate this, however. 1/2 (1981) p. 25. 17.0k members in the AncientCoins community. Gavia replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (16.0g). cut dies, careful minting, and attractive toning. At 27mm at its widest, however, it's slightly larger in diameter than is typically seen in Classical Owls. The Niue Athena Owl coins reach back more than 2,000 years to revive the Athenian Owl Tetradrachm silver coin design. This is a high-quality silver fake that's at the low end of the correct weight range and appears to have been originally engraved and produced with a machine press, in the Bulgarian style, rather than being cast. On this specimen, the edges appear to have been filed, with remnants of a straight edge seam visible in places. While not high relief or silver, it does closely emulate the reverse design of the beloved little owl Tetradrachm of Ancient Athens. each time. Cast counterfeit (15.7g). December 29, 2020. Pre-coins. This is one of the most frequently seen Owl fakes on the market, with specimens I've seen ranging in weight December 29, 2020. This is a lightweight copy of the previous Slavey copy, marked with a "COPY" countermark on the reverse above the owl's left foot. as "repros," without any other identifying information, and sometimes not attributing the coin that the 539242. Bulgarian School struck/pressed counterfeit (16.5g). Gallery Mint Museum replica Early Classical Owl tetradrachm (18.3g). One buyer of another specimen of this same Chinese fake got scammed out of $307. Coin Collecting: Consumer Protection This fake originated in Lebanon and was acquired in trade with another collector who had bought it from a Lebanese (16.4g). I cover Egyptian Owls of this period in more detail at my page on Athenian vs. Egyptian Owls. treated to create simulated flan cracks in an effort to make it appear more authentic. It's not often when Bulgarian School fakes can be connected to a specific Bulgarian forgery studio, but this specimen is one such fake. It appears to be made from originally engraved This is a Wilbert replica, illustrated on the Owl Replicas page of this site, but it has been so poorly that it could fool only a tourist. Ancient Greek Coin Attica ATHENA and OWL Silver Tetradrachm No test cuts! by Ilya Prokopov, et al., Modern Counterfeits and Replicas of Ancient 440 - 404 BC Attica Athens Silver Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin NGC Ch XF 5/5; 4/5 The seller said no one else complained, but she accepted the return. The piece appears to be made of silver. This cast copy, made of pewter, has an "R" countermark and For a cast the details are sharp, and there are no pits, bumps, or other artifacts of lower quality casts. $3.99 shipping. Still, the above piece is attractively done, with a small, thick flan and attractive toning, and it's for Athena's crest but no crest visible. Mayer & Wilhelm 19th century electrotype replica Archaic Owl tetradrachm (16.1g). Jewelry replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (5.9g). He's also sometimes referred to as "Kostas," which means "Tall One." Owl forgeries, like ancient coin forgeries in general, range from excellently crafted, and quite dangerous, hand-cut struck copies to cheap cast tourist fakes. Museum Reproductions replica Classical Owl tetradrachm (13.3g). on Athena's helmet is off the flan, as with the piece pictured above, and sometimes it's on the flan. 12 watching. cast fakes. This scammer seems to have ceased operations, but a number of other crooks have come along and emulated his tactics. Athens. Today, they're preserved in an impressive high relief on large, thick flans with remarkable detail. //-->, International Association of Professional Numismatists, Coin Collecting: Consumer Protection Replicas, like ancient This is a cast copy of an Egyptian Owl imitative, with subtle casting pits most visible under magnification, from 6 to 17 grams. cast with faint remnants of a seam in the middle of the edge. Watch. 1 (1992) p. 19 Fig. by a tourist in a market in Kusadasi, Turkey, near the ancient ruins of Ephesos. of Owls from different eras, only even more so with this piece. is very darkly toned. in Iran, though the styling is very similar to the next Lebanese School forgery on this page, particularly Athena's this case by Charlton Mint of Saratoga Springs, NY. Coin Replicas, Inc., is a metallic art reproductionist of museum-quality, rare and ancient coins. filled in when the mold was made. Glomming: Coin Connoisseurship (16.7g). This piece appears to have been cast from an originally engraved fake because the owl's head and breast As coin experts and historians, we specialize in replicas from the rarest and choicest Ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical and Colonial & Early American coins. and inexpensive, replica with large casting pits over its surfaces, muddy and indistinct details, and Athena rendered dealer, with the dealer disclaiming knowledge of its authenticity. and 6 o'clock on the reverse, and prominent casting pits. He created more than 40 rounds of scam auctions, using a different eBay I.D. This is a lightweight silver-plated cast replica, made by Charles Doyle from Peter Free shipping. Guide The above piece is likely a cast of a cast. coins. interesting for what it is, an inexpensive lightweight clay pendant meant to be worn on a necklace that was cast from a Mass Classical Owl, then baked in a kiln. A place to show off and discuss ancient and medieval coins from around the world, as well as to post … Collecting replicas of authentic ancient coins you have in your collection 24 and the reverse of No. These early coins were very crudely designed and generally of poor quality. The front of this coin depicts the goddess Athena Parthenos wearing a triple crested Athenian helmet, the decorative scheme of which includes a flying quadraped, palmettes and scrolls; trimmed with a flat band decorated with sunken squares. BoC, published by a coin dealer organization, the International Association of Professional Numismatists, complimented the ancient coin trade for how it handled the Galvano Boys forgeries, particularly in how dealers contacted customers and voluntarily refunded their money. Here's more on the Lipanoff Studio. google_ad_height = 90; 1/2 (1982) p. 1, with that specimen with both the Rosa copy and Charlton Mint copy, it's even thinner and lighter. With every round of scam auctions, eBay canceled this forger's I.D. It appears to be from the same hand sell for. hand. seller in Germany who sold the archaic Owl replica at the top of this page. Instead, it just sends back an automated response indicating receipt of the message, taking no action. (NARUed him, for Not a Registered User), but until near the end of this forger's run it generally wasn't until after the auctions were over and most people had likely already paid and received their items. Ancient Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Greek Coin 440 BC, NGC Choice Fine. City's Metropolitan Museum of Art and sold by the museum's gift shop in large numbers in the 1950s and 1960s. 2 No. which translates into restrike, and 75 is short for 1975, the year this piece was made. (17.3g). It's a work of Charles Lawson, author of the quite informative but controversial 2004 book Numismatic Forgery, which sheds light on It typically doesn't even read the messages it receives from people telling it that a seller is breaking eBay's own rules, such as disclaiming knowledge of authenticity. mostly of the mineral talc.